Braziller and Associates focuses on business development and marketing for companies that sell into markets that are regulated or have long sales cycles. We are builders, change agents and technology evangelists , with 25 diverse years of experience leading strategic assessments and business transformation in  private, public, not for profit and government sectors.   Our work draws on a rich mix of industries including healthcare, government, life sciences, high technology and sustainability.

Ask us about how we can help you to;

  • Build consensus among stakeholders, build  shared vision, and develop strategies for co-creating results.
  • Envision new businesses and their products, services and route to market.
  • Align  corporate culture and strategy.
  • Undertake  a market assessments that quantify the opportunity and the feature set potential customers are looking for.
  • Design and execute a strategic sales and marketing programs.
  • Leverage our extensive network to personally reach decision makers at strategic accounts.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Contact information
Cell or Txt: 604 961 6360
Email: clay at braziller.com